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SASSA late payments affected its beneficiaries

By Mbali Maluma

Chris Hani – Thokoza – The month of July did not begin well to some of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) beneficiaries due to the late payments of their social grants.

SASSA introduced a new card system in April 2018. It has announced to all its beneficiaries to acquire the new SASSA card by the end of August as the old one’s will expire in September 2018.

Some of the SASSA recipients (pensioners) have indeed changed their old cards and get new ones but that has landed them in immense problem and misery of not getting their money at the normal time.

SASSA released a media statement to tell their recipient that they are aware of the problem they are facing and ensured them that they will all get their grants. They explained vividly to their beneficiaries that such problems may arise whenever there are changes made.

“I think we know that when there is a new system which is introduced, these are teething problems and sometimes you need to a trial run to see if things are running smoothly as possible, especially when the process starts. However, that was done and in some instances, we know the problem would crop up”, Paseka Letsatsi, SASSA spokesperson.

The crisis of SASSA has left beneficiaries in distress because some did not get the money yet and some were forced to use their money to go back and forth to find out what is happening.

“This month has been a worst of them all because I had to struggle to get the money, it is very painful because the grant is the only source of income I receive, said John Mtshweni (64)  from Chris Hani SASSA beneficiary.

Some beneficiaries did get their money but they got it from their old card meanwhile they applied to the new card system.

“I think it will only be fair if they explain these systems to us by sending their people to explain to us about the procedure to be followed because these days you cannot know who to trust anyone. Lastly I was glad to receive my grant money even though I got it from an old card, “said Nomsa Mahlangu (56) from Thokoza SASSA beneficiary.

On SASSA media release specified the benefits and improvements a new card will bring to its recipients. Among others reason they stated is that this new card does not allow any deductions for airtime, loans and prepaid electricity. This new card also allows 3 free cash withdrawals at points of sale, one free withdrawal at the post office per month, free wipes at points of sale and accepted by all ATM’S displaying the Visa sign.