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New technology will protect cash-in-transit heist

Pretoria – Cash-in-transit robberies has been the order of life in 2018. The total number of cash van heist is approximately 180 throughout the country. Robbers apply similar mode of operandi wherein they use commercial explosives to bomb the cash vans. Government and security companies explored the existing technology to overcome these cash van heist and save lives of cash van crew.
The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) developed All Cash Technologies polyurethane foam dispensing unit known as PUDU. PUDU is installed in the vault area of cash in transit vehicles and designed to automatically protect all contents in the vault during bomb attacks without human activation. It can also be remotely activated by vehicle monitoring control centre or by the crew members inside the vehicle when is forced off the road by robbers.
The foam encapsulates the cash and vault within seconds of activation and hardened into a hard-solid state which prevents access to cash and keeps the vehicle intact. Vehicle crew may remain inside the van during activation because the foam has no harmful gasses.
According to Grahame King, Chief Executive Officer of All Cash Technologies, they joined the campaign to fight cash in-transit heist and developed a new pavement cash protector. This cash protector releases a special dye that stains the cash permanently if the cash-box is forced to open. “We aware that robbers are very arrogant but lives will be saved. Regardless we will deal with them decisively and oppose bail of those who arrested. More arrest of cash robbers is expected,” said Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane, Gauteng MEC for Community Safety.